Fox Trapping Practices


I have submitted the following Notice of Motion to the City of Kalamunda Ordinary Council Meeting to be held 26 June 2018 related to fox trapping practices.


“That Council:

  1. Request the Chief Executive Officer
    1. Provides assurance to Council that metal traps used for fox management are removed from all operations across the City until the risk of exposure to the public and pets is acceptable, as a minimum.
    2. Provide a report on the investigation of the incident regarding resident’s pet being caught in a metal trap set for fox management by a City of Kalamunda contractor.
    3. Investigate options for fox management which will consider:
      1. Removing the need to use metal traps;
      2. Setting locations target fox populations while reducing risk of exposure to the public and pets.
    4. Provide assurance to Council that the contract management processes ensure the City and community expectations regarding safety and health are communicated and delivered by contractors.”



The recent incident of a resident’s pet being caught by a metal trap set at Ray Owen reserve has highlighted a significant risk to people and their pets which is clearly unacceptable to the community, and also to me.

As I understand the City has engaged a contractor to set the traps to manage fox penetration.  However, the setting of traps at highly utilised locations, including parks and reserves, raises questions that the setting locations do not necessarily reflect fox population profiles.

Given the severity of the event, and the understandable community outrage, it is prudent that we review the decision taken that led to the event, the scope of contract and that Council provide direction to the City administration of its expectations and the acceptable level of safety and health exposure.

As the work was completed by a Contractor, it is prudent of Council to seek assurance that the contractor management system is achieving safety and health expectations.



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